I took the Expedition into the dealership yesterday for the service and Auto Butler. (Not quite sure what the Auto Butler does, but the car looks nice after its done.) The service was to include the tires rotated and balanced, the oil change and possibly the 30K tune up thingy... The service guy called me yesterday morning and said...

1.) Windshield wipers are crap - I already knew this, I'd been nagging Robert about this for a couple of months, but hey, new ones were covered by the service plan, so free is better.

2.) 30K tune up thingy had been done - they are going to do the 45K tune up thingy and then our service plan is up at 46K so we probably won't get anything else done for free.

3.) Battery is getting low - Hum...ok, like how low, that's what I asked :) I am very technically challenged as you can tell... and the service guy said that we should look into getting a new battery soon, the current one probably won't take the summer. So, we can buy one for $139 with a 7 year warranty etc. I'm thinking I have until the summer, and Robert usually drives it anyway, so he can figure that out after he gets home, and we can probably get just as good of a warranty for a cheaper battery at Auto Zone or something like that.

4.) Nails in 2 of our tires that would explain why the check tire light keeps coming on. $12.99 to fix, not too bad.

5.) There's a leak in the transmission - ok, that means bad evidently, our warranty covers it, but we have a deductible of $100 to get it fixed, ok, fix it, right! I know enough to know that the transmission is pretty important in a car, so that should be fixed.

So, last night I get back to the dealership (after a 40 minute ride with the courtesy vehicle guy) (If you know me I don't like "making up" conversation, that's why I have a social butterfly as a husband, so 40 minutes was about 38 minutes too long) And the service guy called me as I am walking into his office to tell me my car wasn't ready yet. The transmission stuff was taking longer then they had expected. "Would you like a loaner car?" I thought, well, if you want to take me home, pick me up in the morning, take me to work, and then bring me back here I guess no, I said, "Yes, Please" :) You should hear some of the stuff that goes through my head sometimes, It's hilarious...not really.

They gave me a Fusion to drive around's an ok car, I would drive one...the breaks really work, but after driving an Expedition when you use the same pressure on a Fusion you go through the windshield. It is pretty basic model, but it was ok.

So, this afternoon my service guy calls and said, "We got your car fixed, it's ready. You needed a new Transmission Case", wait, wait, wait. I guess I was supposed to be astonished, but I have NO IDEA what that is!! When I look it up online it doesn't sound that astonishing, but ok. He then said, "Just be glad it is still covered under the warranty." I said, "Ok, thanks."

Really, I have no idea. Will have to call my dad, Mike or Bob to figure out what that is. Perhaps I will be astonished then. Probably not. :)

Update: Our bill without the warranties we have would have been $1600.00, I paid $129.00, WOW. $100 for the Deductible, $12.99 for 2 nails in tires, $9.99 for car wash so they could do the Auto Butler. Not to bad...


Mike said…
A "Transmission Case" is the box the gears of the transmission reside it. It is the holder. No case or broken case is bad. Just find it hard to believe it broke/cracked in that short amount of time. But covered under warranty who cares.

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