Day 3

Well I'm getting a little better at the sleeping, this time I didn't wake up at all until 5 AM. I got ready took a shower, went downstairs around 7:30 and read my book until our crew started to show up for breakfast. I expected breakfast to be a bit wierd and I was kind of right. I ate noodles, eggs (if you can call it that), rice, salad, bread, Milk (which was like cream..yumm) and coffee. Not exactly my type of breakfast but none the less it was sustainance.
Now today is Saturday but you couldn't tell by the amount of people out in the area and in the subway. We went to work on base and did a little work. Then went to the Navy exchange for lunch and on the way we got to see the USS George Washington, AMAZING...this ship is huge. I was just amazed at the size and then started thinking about the sheer logistics and mechanics of making that thing run. Pictures to come.

After lunch we tooled around then went to the rec center while a few of us worked out and the other few surf the web and I read. I'm all of a sudden a reader, I now can pick up a book and in a few days manage to read 300 pages. Right now I'm ready Malcolm Gladwell's Blink, it is a pretty interesting read. Sorry off topic.

Dinner was AWESOME, we ate at a Japanese place that was like fondue only it was a grill. We selected the type of meat we wanted to eat as a group, diaphram, choice cut but I don't remember from where, we had sashimi beef and also Heart, but I didnt have heart. It was a great experience and thanks to Jeff and his Wife for translating during the entire dining experience.

The people here are nice and friendly. We had people coming up to us asking where we were from and everytime we would say a word in Japanese they would smile, not sure if it was to make fun or appreciation for trying it out.

I have high hopes for sleep this evening until tomorrow...Japan signing out.


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