Sleep Please

Yesterday Aiden went to Patti and Leigh's house to have a play date with their 4 kiddos. Aiden took a 2 & 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the day, man he wore himself out in the morning playing outside!!

When I picked him up around 6:00pm he was still awake as ever. We stayed for dinner and left around 8:30, Still awake...Drove the 15 mins home, Still awake...Wow, normally he's out after a fun day at their house. Well, not last night. We got home, into PJs, had our vitaminas (vitamins in Espanol, bc that's what he calls them) and he was up until almost 11:00pm. I was exhausted by the time he finally went to sleep.

When he finally did get to sleep he looked so sweet.

Then, he was up at 4:00am crawling into my bed. But, he went back to sleep fairly quickly.

Today is supposed to be a really nice day, so maybe he and Nana can go to the park. Then, when I get home tonight I can take him again for a walk or something. We are going to wear him out tonight!!


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