Paci Update

I think it's gone...

Wednesdays he goes over to Patti and Leigh's house to hang out with their 4 kiddos. Patti said he didn't ask for it ALL DAY, not once!!

After picking him up Wednesday night he asked me for it in the car, but I told him, "Don't you remember you threw it in the trash?" He said (in a really sad voice) "Uh Huh, I want Paci." Made me want to go to the closest store and pick one up, but we didn't.

The only problem right now is that he's not going to sleep without the Paci. We were finally getting him to go to bed around 8:30 or so, but now it's 10 or 10:30 again. Hopefully, that will stop soon, too.

He was crying for his Paci in his sleep on Thursday morning, but he didn't ask for it when he woke up.

While searching for the bird we found 2 more Pacis under the couch, which were then quickly hidden away!! There are probably 3-4 more out around the house somewhere, but Aiden hasn't found any yet.

Nana said that Thursday he only asked for it once.  She told him the bird took it.  LOL.  

He still isn't sleeping well.  Robert woke up to take meds for his tummy and heard a TV on.  He went into Aiden's room (3am) and Aiden was up watching TV.  He also has allergy stuff going on too so I think overall the sleepy fairies are against him.  We tried Benadryl for his nose last night, I don't think it worked. Tonight Zyrtec.  

But, he didn't ask for the paci last night.  So I think it's gone!!!  We'll have to make a PACI Bye-Bye cake this weekend or something.


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