Japn Day 1

The flight over was the longest flight that I've been on in my life. I have to hand it to AA though they have a decent operation when you go overseas. Everyone is nice and they feed you throughout the entire trip. I made quick friends with the flight attendant because she recognized the book I was reading, "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell. We started conversing about his different books and I explained to her that I was ready this as a part of my masters program, so then I had to answer question related to that topic. She was super nice and made the trip a little better, occassionally bring me free glasses of wine from Business Class :). I watched the Day the Earth...with Keanu Reeves and also Bolt and Yes Man with Jim Carey. It was nice to catch up on movies since we rarely get to go out.

Once I landed it was interesting to be the one who everyone is staring at. Went through immigration and recieved my first stamp ever on my passport, which in itself is awesome. Went straight through customs without any issues, meet up with the rest of our crew. One from DC, Chicago, San Fran, Boston and myself. I have to say it is awesome to be in another part of the globe yet be able to text my wife and let her know everything is okay; upload a picture to facebook and a the while checking up and following up on business email...Love technology. Before I left my mom ask me if i would have ever imagined that I would be in the position that I am and I explained to her that I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that I am where I am, all I can say is thanks to everyone that made it possible and who believe it me.

So we got checked into our hotel and WOW the rooms is tiny. I am a big guy but my goodness there is no frills in the is hotel room. Bed, no closet, desk, window, bathroom...an that's about it. We went to a local restuarant that didn't have an english menu and relied heavliy on our skills of pointing to the pretty pictures to order food. We had this pork cooked in broth with bockchoy, that was interesing, I had a noodle dish which was good.

After dinner we went back to hotel and I attempted to go to sleep. No such luck, I kept waking up every two hours and my neck hurt because of the pillow. Complain, complain...suck it up Robert your in Japan :)....

Overall I had a good trip and go to Japan safely. More to come.


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