This will probably be boring to everyone, but I'm excited!!

Our Expedition needs the oil changed, tires rotated/balanced, 30K mile tune up or whatever, and guess who gets to do it!!! YAY!!! Luckily, when we bought the SUV it came with a maintenance coverage plan. Robert thought it was over because of the miles on the SUV, but guess what, almost, but not quite!! I'm so excited, sad that I can get excited over this, right?!

So, the maintenance plan ends at 46K and the SUV has 42.5K. So, now I just have to figure out which day works best to get it to the dealership and have them drive me to work or wait for it, but I don't like sitting and waiting so that probably won't work for me!

But, really I am excited that I can just go drop it off and they will do everything, much better then me driving to 3 or 4 different places to get each thing done. And it is still covered under the plan so it won't cost anything extra!!!


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