Day 2

Day 2

Woke up around 4:40 in the morning and began working, yuck but people were at work mailing me all evening but day for them. I even got a phone call from our security office wanting me to talk to DC so at 4:40 in the morning I'm calling someone in DC tyring to not sound like I just woke up.

We took a subway from Yokohama to Yokosuka which was about a 45 minute train ride. If you ever seen the video on you tube of the conductors pushing folks into the train this is where it happens. Now we didn't get to experience it but i was on the lookout. The train ride made me a bit sick so once we got to the base and had some food i was good.

Day at the office was pretty easy, we had to go through security check point and get paperwork cleared so we could be on base. The base is pretty nice, typical kind of base, but the surrounding bay and design elements, like trees, mountains, waterfall adds some nice touches. Oh they have vending machines that dispense cokes, water and and cold...HOT people, hot coffee it is awesome and only 120 Yen.

For Lunch, I ate Wendys, weird I know but it was kind of pack in the mall area and didn't really want to try anything adventours so we settled on Wendys.

After work we walked around Yokohama and went into the mall Takashimaya in search of some undergarmets for one of my coworkers, but no success. We just walked around, and I took a few shots which I will post at a later time, but all in all it was a good day.


NJ Grandma said…
Robert - that is pretty funny you ate at Wendy's, that is exactly what Bob did when he was in Japan - All the great restaurants and the two of you pick a Wendy's!!! Be safe, enjoy your trip and can't wait to hear all about it. Love you, Gail

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