No more Paci?

When I got home last night Aiden had a paci in his mouth. I took it from him and hid it. Then, I found an old yucky paci that he had bitten into a couple of times and I took it to him. We then took it to the trash for our Bye Bye Paci party! He was very reluctant to throw the paci away, but after a little bit of coaxing he did it.

We went to store to get a few things and he picked out a toy, I know probably not the best way to do it, but oh well.

After we got home Aiden was sooooo tired, but he didn't go to sleep until around 10:00. He kept asking for a Paci and I kept telling him, "Remember you threw it in the trash, no more paci!" I think he was probably talking about the other 10 I still have to find...I found 4 last night and hid them away.

If he finds more pacis (before I do) we will definitely do Grandma Auer's idea of boxing them up and wrapping them for the new baby.

This morning he walked in our room and immediately started yapping away. Talk, talk, talk...I guess the paci kept him quiet in the mornings. But, it's fun to wake up to a talking toddler. "Mommy, Wakey, Wakey" Too cute. (And he didn't even ask for a Paci this morning!! Progress??)


NJ Grandma said…
Good job mommy! And Aiden :)

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