It's a...

HEALTHY BABY, but we don't know the sex.

It's definitely a human, no elephants or tomatoes in there, but the baby wouldn't cooperate. Legs were tightly closed and she/he wouldn't move a muscle. Well, the baby kept moving 1 arm up and down, but that's it. The sonographer said, "I think it's a girl, but don't go out and register for a girl just yet." I think she was going off the fact that I told her that this pregnancy is completely different from Aiden's.

The baby was 8.14 inches and 10 ounces.

Luckily, we have another ultrasound appointment in 1 month!! Normally, we would have to wait another couple of months before another diagnostic sonogram and would have had to pay for an extra one in the middle of that, but since she/he also wouldn't show the face, either, they couldn't get all the measurements that they needed. So, we have another sono in a month, and it will be covered by insurance!! YAY!!!

And Dr. S said we have great news this visit, our quad-screen (test for down syndrome, spina bifida, and 2 other tests) were negative. The measurements that they were able to get from the sonogram were great, 50 percentile. So, we have a healthy baby. He also said that I'm still the perfect patient. YES, me, I know!! Perfect, ME, YAY!!

Here are some pics...

Even the sonographer said that babies look like aliens at this point in time, it's not just me...

This was really cute when it popped up on the screen. Little feet.

Baby's profile and tummy! Love it.


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