Our Earth Day Friend

Nana was walking around the house this morning like she was looking for something. I asked her if everything was ok and she said, "Yeah, just looking for the bird." Hum... should I pack her bags and take her to the coocoo nest?

Then, she told me that Wednesday afternoon she was leaving for the gym, she had opened the garage door to get her stuff in the car, then went inside for something. Well, when she went to go back outside a little bird flew in. He couldn't fly very well, so he must be young, and went into the living room. She could hear him throughout the day, but couldn't find him.

We tore up the living room this morning looking behind couches and stuff to find a little bird. While we were eating cereal he came flying off the top of the kitchen cabinets. Me being the bird lover went chasing after him and caught him in the blinds. Poor little guy was scared to death, I'm sure he'd been sitting up there all night thinking, "How am I going to get out of here?"

Robert and I took him in to meet Aiden. Aiden was a little suspicious about me having a bird in my hand. I don't think he's ever really been around birds, other then baby chicks and ducks at Mayfest last year, and he didn't really like those. He petted the little birdie and then... I let my grip go too slack. The little guy started flying around Aiden's room. LOL, here we go again.

I caught him pretty quickly, luckily Robert was able to shut Aiden's door before he flew back into the house. Aiden and I went hunting under his bed for the bird and then he flew up into Aiden's closet into a basket and was caught again.

This time we went to the back door and set the birdie free. He probably then went flying into some neighbors yard with a big dog or something...IDK, hopefully our little Earth Day friend lives a long and happy life.

Sidenote: I totally have man hands :(, I need to get my nails done again.


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