Day 5

Today is going to be an exciting day, I will be venturing into my first GSA store. We ate breakfast on base at BURGER KING. Definitely not happy about our food selections as of late but for now I'll deal. Oh yeah and they were out of eggs! So I had a cresant with bacon and bacon, so need some cereal or something. So we go to our store and meet our contact, Kimura. Nice guy can speak english. GSA has store front for the numerous items that we can provide to our customer base. Any thing from a pencil to toliet paper to clothing we got it at this location. It is set up like a staples/office depot. Pretty neat to see this part of our business. We were sent to Japan to replace PCs that are old and out of warranty, at the Misawa GSA store we had 12 machines. It is not a simple replacement like it is in the states but we give it that extra special touch that it requires and begin replacing machines. For dinner we at at Burger King, crap, but we were tired and really didn't want to go off base. It is kind of a hassle when we go off base because when we come back we have to show our passport and our travel orders, to which the guard always gives us interesting looks and then waves us through. Not a long process only lasting a few minutes but still not a smooth process. I really wish our nice GSA access cards that look identical to the DOD cards and that are now standard across the government which we had to go through an extensive background check and clearance process would be sufficient to get us on base. NO SUCH LUCK. I go back to room, watch some english TV and movies then go to bed.


NJ Grandma said…
Hi Robert -

Sounds like you are getting around quite well in Japan - but BURGER KING - you didn't need to travel that far for a BURGER KING. Hope you have some good Japanese meals before you come home - which by the way - when are you coming home? Keep safe. Isn't this great that you can communicate around the world like this :):) Love you, Gail

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