Dentist Cont...

It was a successful visit full of crying. Robert said it took about 20 minutes and cost around $140. I wish I made that kind of money, $70 an hour would be nice.

He didn't have any cavities that they could see, they don't do x-rays on toddlers (I don't blame them :)) He had his front teeth cleaned and in some of the pictures below he looks calm and others he looks like he's about to come out of the chair!

Dentist's #1 discussion of the day was NO MORE PACY... Can cause him to have speech impediment and cause his front teeth to come in different ie: money on speech therapist and orthodontics or get rid of pacy = less money on those things.

So, tonight or tomorrow we are going to have some sort of Bye Bye Pacy Party. Any Ideas?


NJ Grandma said…
Tell Aiden you need to save them for the new baby - put them in a pretty bag or box and stick them somewhere (that he can't reach) and one day - they disappear. :)Had a pacy problem with his godfather also - took forever!!!

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