Day 4

Today we woke up and met our GSA contact, Jeff Patterson at the Yokohama train station. We need to get up to Misawa which is on the northeastern part of mainland Japan. Our travel options were train, airplane or BULLET TRAIN! We had to go from Yokohama station to Tokyo station and then make a transfer to the Shinkansen. While we were at the tokyo station awaiting the Shinkansen we decided to sit and have an adult beverage. It was rather tasty, most of there beer here is excellent. I'm had Suntory Malt, Yubesu and Kitten. So far I like the Yubesu the best, nice thick drink with great flavor, would recommend. I'm sure you guys are all aware that we took the BULLET TRAIN. It is called the Shinkansen. Moving on...We took a little more time than we were suppose to because as we were running to catch the shinkansen, we first went through the wrong gate, then we found the right one and as we step off the escalator all we could see was a flash of white and purple as the Shinkansen move away from the station :(...Luckily the train runs every hour. It will take us approx 4 hours to get from Yokohama, southern tip of Japan to Misawa. It is really fast, 200 MPH or so. Great country side view of Japan, lots and lots of Cherry Trees. We finally arrive in Misawa and ride to the airforce base were we get checked into on base hoteling. Very nice, kitchen, two room suite for only $39 bucks! Since it is somewhat late we go to eat at a local chain mexican resturant called Mike's tex mex. Apparently the story goes Mike started a resturant in Japan near Yokosuka and slowly he has built a chain of resturants near all the bases in Japan. It was okay but not great! Not exactly Japanese food but its tough to go out near a base in a little Japanese town like Misawa. Hopefully our Japanese contact here will take us to a local place in the next few days. For now, i'm going to bed and getting some rest. Good night all.


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