Shoe Police

Aiden has become the shoe/clothes/bathroom police. Many times when we go to walk outside to the garage or back yard to do something really quick we just put on the closest pair of shoes. Most of the time they are Robert's shoes. When we put them on Aiden will say, "No Mama, Dada's shoes." The other day, Nana grabbed Robert's jacket to walk outside with Aiden, and she got, "No Nana, Dada's Jacket."

The funniest is that one day last week I got home and Aiden immediately started saying, "Nana, Peepee, bathroom." I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.

Aiden - "Nana, Peepee, bathroom." starts walking towards my room/bathroom.
Me - "Do you need to go potty?"
Aiden - "No Mama, Nana, Peepee, bathroom."
Me - "I don't understand"
Me - "I still don't understand."
Nana - "I used your restroom today while I was cleaning it and he told me, No, No Nana, Mama's bathroom."

So, evidently you don't just get told No from the shoe/clothes/bathroom police, they also tell on you.

I know this will bring up questions on our potty training efforts for Aiden and yeah, don't ask...they are going no where right now. It is mainly the fact that I need to start some kind of incentive program for him (and probably Nana, too) like the sticker chart with prizes for so many stickers. Just hasn't happened yet.

Although, he will tell you when he has gone poopoo. Saturday, we ran around a lot and then I took a nap while he watched Bolt. About 30 minutes into my nap he came in with green stuff on his hands and put it in my face and on my shirt. Looked like green gel. So I took him to wash his hands and then ran around the house trying to figure out where he got green gel from.

Then, he said, "Mama, Poochee." which is his way of saying that he has poopoo. I went to change his diaper and it was full of green and green gel stuff. WTH??? What did this kid eat? So, I had green gel poop on me, It's great to be a mom!!


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